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"The International Art Markets"  by James Goodwin

Up to now, those who wanted to get an overview about art market structures of different countries had to laboriously search for relevant information. This can become a real challenge for countries which are not in the focus of the art-loving community and media, resulting in only little information being readily accessible. James Goodwin’s aim is to close this information-gap.

In 43 chapters, respectively, a country’s or region’s art market structures are introduced. Authors by country - experts from professions like auctioneering, academia, journalism or art advisory - have provided the contents for their respective chapters. Each country – independent of the size of the country’s current footprint on the art map, is devoted the same amount of space in the book (typically 7-8 pages). Therefore, one also learns about countries which traditionally, hardly make any appearance when it comes to art markets. The respective country chapters follow the same scheme: historical development of their art market, structure of today’s art market, market performance, as well as taxes and other regulations.

As expected, a book about the art market reveals a lot of auction results and historical data. Those who don’t get tired of too many details can read it in the manner of a storybook from first to last page. Otherwise, “The International Art Markets” is perfectly suited as a reference book.

If someone wants to get a quick overview about the art markets of several countries, there is currently no better choice for him/her than “The International Art Markets.” James Goodwin’s book is appropriate for curious laymen as well as experts who seek an introduction into the market structure within a specific country. The listed galleries, auction houses and art fairs (as far as respectively existent) can be used as a starting point for further research.

The International Art Markets
Format: 17,3 x 21,6 cm
Binding: hardback
Year: 2008
Edition: English