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"How to Start and Run a Commercial Art Gallery"
by Edward Winkleman

The title says it all. Edward Winkleman, with the experience of opening his own gallery in New York in 2001, systematically covers all the relevant topics for anyone planning to open a gallery. Program and branding, business models, financial aspects, location, staff, logistics, art fairs, advertising, contracts with artists … the list goes on.

Combining the lessons he has learned with tips from other gallerists and art collectors, Winkleman keeps his feet on the ground. He lays to rest many a hoary myth and avoids all false romanticism, while still maintaining a positive tone. The book is a real mine of information and practical advice for anyone who is seriously considering opening their own gallery. For those who reach the stage of putting their plans into practice, it will help smooth the way in the difficult early days.

Clear and informative, the book can be read straight through or a relevant chapter can be picked out when needed. Practical guides in this area are almost nonexistent - “How to Start and Run a Commercial Art Gallery” goes a long way towards closing this gap.

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Commercial Art Gallery
Format: 6 x 9 inch
Year: 2009
Edition: English
ISBN: 978-1-58115-664-5