The ArtVista art travel guide shall help the art traveller to plan his visit to the most interesting art capitals. The art travel guide provides information about the collections of important cultural and historical institutions, such as museums and national art collections. Also described are important private collections that can be visited by the public. Additionally it points to current exhibitions in art galleries or museums and informs about art fairs in the respective city. The guide also provides links to major auction houses that can be found in the respective city. The art traveller can use the travel guide to check the weather forecast or to find a hotel - whether it is in London, Paris, New York or an other art capital. An easy accessible city map completes the set of information. The shown information is based on ArtVista´s own on-site visits and on internet research. The art travel guide is completed continuously, currently it is available for: Berlin, London, New York and Paris; next cities to follow are Madrid, Cologne, Miami, Brussels and Basel which is best known for the basel art fair. The cities have been chosen by importance to the art world and by available art information. Of course the selection of cities can change in future, for instance to reflect the art development in China, India. Text ArtVista 2013
Art Travel Guide

Worth seeing Museums, Collections and Events in major Art Cities
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        Beta version, currently the Art Travel Guide is available for Berlin, London, Paris and New York.