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Art Collecting – an introduction for prospective art collectors

For many, art collecting is a passion. While seasoned collectors recognize the best sources for fruitful additions to their art collections, beginners often find themselves overwhelmed. Apparently, mysterious price structures for works of art and a seemingly unmanageable number of events and galleries contribute to this anxiety. ArtVista aims to provide relevant, insightful information to even the most novice aspiring collector.

In the following, we focus on the basics of collecting contemporary art which is offered on the primary market, because most new collectors will start within this segment. We can advise you individually about specific topics (e.g. art collecting with focus on value stability); due to its complexity, such topics are beyond the scope of this article.

You will obtain a solid basis for starting a successful art-collecting career if and when you take care of the following topics:

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Stainar Jakobsen Elisabeth
Steinar Jacobsen, Elisabeth, 2007, oil on alucor, 74x94cm.
Susanne M. Winterling The Tickle
Susanne M. Winterling, The Tickle, 2008, Digital C-Print, 40x50cm.
Franz Ackermann Life-Conference I
Franz Ackermann, Life-Conference I,
image 36x46cm, Lithography, Collage, Ed. 25 "Mental Map" created '05 in Tokyo.